Two Birds, One Stone

I just ended my two week straight panel disscussions.

First, we discussed Privacy/Openness. Even though I feel like we concentrated our panel on the Privacy part of it, these topics are so intertwined that I feel we got a good grasp of both. This was my favorite of both panels I was on. I just feel privacy and openness are topics we deal with on a daily basis since we are constantly debating on in our lives. We are so conscious and aware fo what we post and others post on social media every day. We are always talking about what people posted as a facebook status or a tweeted to someone. We scrutinize on what people decide to share to the world. This may seem judgemental to some people, however, we all have the to choice to either be active members of cyberspace or not. Also, we are also aware of the “Big Brother” that has entered our society. One doesn’t even feel safe googling something because we are afraid the US government or other governments spying on us might take our google search and suppose its something its not.
I liked how we brought the corporate and media marketed part of this topic to the discussion by pointing out how every time we create an account in some website we agree to Terms of Use not one of really reads, openning ourselves to allowing our privacy to be violated. 

Then, this past week we discussed Digital Identity. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to class on Tuesday because I had dinner with President Hurley! But thats a story for another day…
I liked how Amber talked about her own personal experience with this issue. She used the internet as a médium to meet people and her experience turned out great. People are so afraid of the digital identities people portray on websites. We are repressing our digital footprint and this isn’t right. We mold our digital identity just like other people do. However, as we discussed on Thursday, this line between our physical and digital identity is being blurred by our ever changing world. People trust those who they can physically touch and see with their own eyes but we forget that people might be acting fake and people we meet on the internet are just as real as those we meet physically.
When it comes to shaping our profiles on the internet we are selective on what we share, and we wish some people would be a little but more careful with what they share. Sometimes we see lifestyles on instagram or twitter that just seem unreal to us because they only makeup a single facet they want others to have of them.

Overall, I really liked the topics I got to discuss and hopefully we all took a little bit from both of these topics!!




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  1. Privacy and Openness was a good Topic that we talked about in class, I would say that my favorite Topic that we have talked about in class so far would be “Digital Identity.” I liked how Amber talked about her experience with meeting people online to, and how it wasn’t a scary experience, which is how it is seemed to be, on the outskirts.

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