The Future of Online Dating???

As for what the future holds for online dating..we are not sure. Many online dating experts like Sam Yagan, one of OKCupid’s four founders, says it will be mobile. People will be using apps in order to meet new people. However, current apps only allow for hookups and not long term relationships. Most of future online dating will be based on dating your social graph, that is meeting people that are friends of friends of friends of friends.



This is Sam Yagan one of the founders of okCupid. He sold it to for 50 million dollars.

I used this Forbes article to do this post. Its really good! Check it out!!

Tomorrow, my group and I will be presenting to the class. I hope everyone enjoys it and helps my group and I build on our project even more!


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  1. Going off you saying that the future for online dating being people using apps, I feel that people are doing that now. Many online dating sites are now applications that can be accessed on any mobile device. Zoosk, , OkCupid just some of the top dating sites that are applications all ready. Great information, excited to hear about online dating:)

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