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Today we talked about the impacts the internet has had in our lives that be it socially, culturally or economically. This panel reminded me of one of the TED talks I watched as part of my FSEM last semester.

This TED talk is called “Txtng is killing language. JK!!” by John McWhorter. McWhorter is a professor at Columbia University and has contributed to extensive works in the fields of linguistics and politics and how these are affected by race.
I highly recommend you watch his talk which I have provided a link to above. It is not very long. Also, the funny and relaxed atmosphere he creates while communicating his ideas at his TED talk, is the one I hope to be able to attend in the future (yes, it is one of my lifelong goals to a attend a TED talk, ANY talk).

In class today, we were talking about the wink ;) involved in texting. When people use the wink face when texting it has other connotations than simply an innocent wink. This got me thinking about the lack of tone and other aspects of face to face conversation that texting lacks. People use emojis (like the wink), the word “lol”, or a period at the end of a very brutal statement to give written speech, face-to-face conversational characteristics. In this TED talk, McWhorter describes texting as fingered speech. He further discusses what we were talking about in class today and the whole wink emoji. The internet is helping us change our forms of interaction and by doing so are also shaping these forms. McWhorter further supports the evolution of texting by saying that ” Increasing evidence is that being bilingual is cognitively beneficial. That’s also true of being bidialectal. That’s certainly true of being bidialectal in terms of your writing. And so texting actually is evidence of a balancing act that young people are using today, not consciously, of course, but it’s an expansion of their linguistic repertoire.”

We are shaping the ways we communicate with people. We try to incorporate a tone in our texting in order to imitate it the way we would say that same thing in person. We are shaping the internet and technology phenomena no more than it is shaping us and our lives!!



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