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I really loved this TED talk. Not only because he presented spoofs of our different internet uses but also because of the points he made about how information is spread within the internet. I believe that we are not víctimas of just “reading” off the internet. We also are creators of the internet. If it weren’t for users like us there would be nothing to read off the internet. Through the use of blogs, like this one, facebook, youtube, instagram and other uses we are able to create our own media in order to share and for others to consume off of us. Also, the way in which we access information on the internet should not be viewed as violating the law but a rebirth of such information and media.

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  1. I did like the “Ted Talk” , I didn’t agree with everything that he said, but he did make good points. I agree with what you said as we are creators of the internet, and if we isn’t create the internet there would be nothing. In the Ted talk he kept saying that the Internet was a Read Only and that no one wrote anything, well someone had to write something. thats why we have something to read. Other than than I liked what he said.

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