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I really like how this group has meshed together our class with politics. This is what I’m trying to do with my TEDxEunji blog series, so check it out!

I’m a political science major so they brought a topic that I found very interesting and something that we are prone to day to day. I think its awesome how Obama or even Pope Francis use social media platforms to get their message out. People don’t read the news every day, so by going on their Facebook or Twitter just for a couple of minutes they could be informes about issues and the stance of their leaders on certain issues.

I really do think that social media does affect the way we vote. People vote on values, so if they see something on twitter about a politician they don’t like, they are prone to changing their mind, maybe not radically, but somehwat about the person they want to vote for.

I’m looking forward to the final product of this group! Good job!!