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Re-re-re miiiixxx

I really loved this TED talk. Not only because he presented spoofs of our different internet uses but also because of the points he made about how information is spread within the internet. I believe that we are not víctimas of just “reading” off the internet. We also are creators of the internet. If it weren’t for users like us there would be nothing to read off the internet. Through the use of blogs, like this one, facebook, youtube, instagram and other uses we are able to create our own media in order to share and for others to consume off of us. Also, the way in which we access information on the internet should not be viewed as violating the law but a rebirth of such information and media.

Wikipedia, Umaluts, and Machines taking over

Jon Udell: Heavy Metal Umlaut

In the first video by Jon Udell we are introduced with the whole concept of wikipedia. This is interactive video shows how a single page in wikipedia is created and modified. Regarding cultural ideas, we can see how the web allows us to take back some of the things that others have written, and allow us to edit these items. A webpage like wikipedia allows us to built upon what was said before so that we are able to most accurately represent the concept. Finally, our culture and the web allow us to perfect a single idea so much so that it becomes readily available to anyone searching for that content.

Michael Wesch: The Machine is Us/ing Us

In this second video we are shown how we are the web. We are the ones adding stuff on the internet through blogs and such. It is us who on a daily basis click on links that take us to many other pages. We are shown that through HTML and XML different texts are transports from place to place, not defining the form but the content. I like how this video refers to blogs and how HTML and XML make blogs, just like the ones we use for this course, easily accessible and editable. I like how quick this video uses visuals and the content of what is being typed, in order to demonstrate what each of the conceptos presented are, further demonstrating creation and destruction within the web!

In 50 years…

Thinking about the future is both overwhelming and exciting. I believe our human potential can take us anywhere we want to go.

I believe our future will be one in which first of all: EVERYONE WILL HAVE FREE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET! The internet is a public resource. It should not be a privilegie but a RIGHT! If we want to look out for ourselves and really see what we are able to do as a society, the internet should be easily accessible not only by the middle class but also by children living in impoverished countries. The internet is a window for people to realize their individual capability. We would never know if a person living in a hut in some country in Latin America, Southeast Asia or Africa is the next Bill Gates or the next Einstein until we give that person free access to this valuable resource: the internet.

Another thing I believe will be in our future is floors within buildings that will move for us. We won’t need to walk around buildings, the floors would be like giant treadmills that would take us around the different offices, classrooms, shops.etc. No more walking and feeling tired!

Finally, our future will have flying cars, no need for roads! We will be able to fly away in our own cars. There will be no more traffic!!

I believe these three ideas I have presented will make our lives more convenient and I hope that there are people in the future who will make these things happen for us!